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About My Car
Community of car fans sharing fun and serious stories about their cars, used cars or cars they dream about.

High quality picture site with pics of GM, Ford, Mopar and exotic cars and trucks, and Harleys.

Airbrushing Made Easy
Learn how to paint awesome looking flames on your car or motorcycle. Easy to follow step by step guide. No artistic skills required.

All Things Automotive Site
This site is not just about your car or truck. It addresses many aspects of the automobile, from parts and finance loans, to the "automotive life style".

Statistics, images, comparisons, and wallpaper of your favourite supercars.

Awesome and funny car videos and pictures.

allpar.com A Layman's List of Practical Auto Resources
Enthusiast site for all Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Jeep, and Eagle cars, minivans, etc.

A UK based site for all aspects of motoring. Buying, selling, accessories, insurance, manufacturer links, car clubs and UK motorsport.

International American cars enthusiasts site. Pictures litterture and forum! GM, Ford, Mopar, hot rods, classics, modern American cars, musclecars, ponycars, etc.

auto.ru Automobiles in Russia
News, services, links, forums, clubs, and much more.

A site for all automotive enthusiasts. Imports and domestics. Tuners of every type. Videos and gallery.

The leading non-commercial, free online resource for automotive industry professionals, engineers, students and auto racing enthusiasts worldwide. Updated daily, Auto-Dictionary gives a global overview of the latest automotive technology terms and abbreviation behind new concept and production vehicles. 
Online resource for finding car shows, cruise-ins, races, and other automotive-related events in the Southeast.

AutoForumz.com Canada
Auto enthusiast forums and resource site. Submit your car question for expert answers. Free registration.

All about cars. Join by posting your own.

Automobiles Unlimited
The site has been set up for the auto fanatics. Cool pics of cars, bikes, trucks, 4x4s and more.

Automotive Addicts
Professional forum and online resource for automotive enthusiasts.

Automotive Hall of Fame
Designed to be a visitor attraction and educational resource. It is a unique "people place" of innovation and inspiration where interactive experiences and one-on-one demonstrations are entertaining and enlightening.

Automotive Resource Online
Automotive news, directory, and marketplace. 
Keeping the auto enthusiast informed through quality news reporting, with previews and reviews of the latest vehicles.

Over 950 forums covering every single make and model. Discuss any car related issues.

Features an on-line auto search facility, car resources, car buying and selling tips, driving techniques, the famous auto discussion forums, car chat rooms, car books, car graphics pictures and clipart, the top car sites, fun driving training tools and free sticky content.

All about Eastern European cars and motorcycles.

Auto news, galleries, classifieds, dealer reviews, rumors, and more.

Babez.de Cars and More
Cars, wallpapers, articles, posters, calendars, clubs, links, and more.

BaRx Automobile Histories & Images
Image gallaries, message boards, links, and more.

Chronicling questionable automotive style.

Company history, model specifications, club info, article reprints, registry, for sale and discussion forum.

Blue Universe Motoring Section
Forums, pictures, resident experts, news, reviews, info. Everything car!

Brisbane Performance Cars
Performance and modified cars. Pics, video, forum, articles, chat and events.

British Cars
History of British automotive companies.

This site was created for the love of cars, by and for, car enthusiasts.

Car Audio Blog
Features reviews of car audio products, technical articles, news, links.

Car Brochures
Car brochures for all makes and models from the 1970's to current.

Car Guy, The
Home page of automotive print/broadcast journalist Steve Ford / The Car Guy, this site offers car care tips, feature articles, as well as archived digital audio/radio programs available globally 24 hours a day.

Car Link, The
Car and motoring portal bringing you the latest motoring news and articles.

Car of Cars, The
Poll to find out the best car in history in each market segment.

car.co.nz - All You Need in a Car Website
Lets you buy cars, drool over cars, join car enthusiasts, download cars, learn about cars, talk about cars, nearly anything and everything about cars.

carBC.com Canada
Daily auto news, reviews and classifieds. 
  CarCentral.net Canada
Features car pictures, auto parts and performance products, discussion forums, articles, reviews, news, and more!

Photos, news, market, technical specifications, wap, etc.

Covers all aspects of automotive design from concept to production.

CarExpert.ru World of Automobiles
Car reviews and comparisons, catalogue, forums, photos, humour, and much more. In Russian.

Cars, car facts, car pictures. Data sheets, specifications, pictures, and other resources for most makes and models.

Technical specifications of over 7300 models from nearly 400 manufacturers world-wide.

Broad spectrum automotive portal.

UK new and classic motoring site with research data, entertainment, information plus books and manuals, news and quizzes and a unique motoring website building and hosting system.

A true automotive community online. Provides members a free community where everyone can express their automotive views.

Share car photos and car pictures with others. Create your very own free car photo album. Upload, store, and email car photos and car pictures online.

CarPhotos.org Canada
Show off your car pictures, free registration.

Cars Exposed
An online reference for the state of the art in cars and a meeting point for all car enthusiasts.

CarVote.com Canada
Your cars… Your opinions… Your votes. Whether you've owned or just driven a car, you can vote on the features you like the best or dislike the most.

Free online community for automotive enthusiast around the world.

The ultimate source for all the latest performance cars.

cojim.com Canada
Dedicated to Québec motorists. Information about insurance, financing, and more.

More than 2000 auto wallpapers for your desktop. BMW, Ferrari, Pagani, Cadillac, Subaru and other brands.

A unique site dedicated to the world's love of the machine combined with the subtle beauty of a human being.

cybersteering.com - Complete Guide to Indian Cars and Bikes
A comprehensive cyberguide to Indian cars and bikes - featuring models, prices, manufacturers, dealers, finance and loan options, used cars, car history, automobile industry news and automobile statistics.

An interactive gallery where car designers can create and manage their portfolios. 
Online community for which all domestic tuners can exchange information, tips, stories, pictures, and whatever else they wish! Specialize in domestics such as the Ford Focus, Dodge Neon, Chrysler Neon, Plymouth Neon, Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Mercury Cougar, (Saturn) S series, and the Ford Escort.

Dr. Dipstik's Temple of Thrifty Motoring
Greatly lengthen the life of your vehicle and save $250,000 over your lifetime. Dr. Dipstik's Temple of Thrifty Motoring tells you in humorous, non-technical language exactly how to get the most value out of your car or truck.

Dedicates itself as a community website devoted to Los Angeles automobile market.

The car modifying website for enthusiasts all over Great Britain. Secure online store providing products ranging from body kits and exterior styling, alloy wheels and performance tyres, air filters and performance exhaust systems to engine tuning parts and nitrous oxide kits.

Your #1 resource for performance dyno results for all makes and models of autos!

EasyMachines.com Canada
Car wallpaper and information.

eMotors.ca Canada
Canada based internet community for car lovers and enthusiasts. Provides guests and members with such options as browsing, selling or buying vehicles and parts; reading and posting automotive articles, tips, or technical write ups; and more.

Engine Sounds Data Base
Download free engine sounds (all formats - mp3, wav, ...) All manufacturers (Porsche, Ferrari, BMW, Honda, ...)

Information, specs, and photos of the fastest cars out there.

Exciting World of Speed & Beauty, The
Automotive racing, historical, biographical video tapes.

Fantastic Cars
All about cars, tuning, classic, concepts, parts, audio...

Fast Cool Cars
The #1 cool car website on the Internet. A website for everyone with a fast cool car, or for those that just want to see them. Send in your car pictures and get them posted.
  Fast Lane: The Car Enthusiast's Site
Discuss your favourite Ford and Holden cars, exchange parts, information and technical help, get latest news and reviews, motorsport, technical help and online shopping for a wide range of Australian car parts and accessories.

Covers all fast cars, supercars, sports cars and exotic cars with articles, road tests, pictures and technical information.

You like cars? Get a free e-mail You@FastestCar.com for life.

New community for car enthusiasts, join free (cars, babes and much more).

Funny site where cars look fast, but aren't. Don't forget to submit your ricer pics today.

firstCar Magazine
Dedicated to the joy of ownership of one's first car, firstCar Magazine is a collection of first car stories and photographs.

The site for the German car enthusiast.

German car enthusiast global portal. Find a dealer or a motorsport provider. View the classified section or place your for sale ads here.

 A massive collection of pictures, information and advice devoted to cars, music, videos, reviews and general female orientated lifestyle topics.

A UK based site dedicated to girls that are enthusiastic about the modified car scene all around the world.  
 Award winning humor columnist Madeleine Begun Kane, who writes for TheCarConnection.com, is Driven Mad by cars, bad drivers, traffic, auto dealerships, car repair shops, and other auto aggravations.

Mopar classifieds, forums, tech, and more.

Maybach 2004
Internet resource about Maybach and other luxury cars. Exclusive information and photos of Maybach, Bentley and Rolls-Royce luxury cars.

MotorCities.com A Worldwide Celebration of Motoring
Gallery of car pictures, videos, sounds, and much more. Mission: to have at least one web page for every vehicle that has ever been produced in the history of this planet!

For those seriously into any kind of enthusiast vehicles, be it choppers, classics or dragracing.

Build your free individual car site. Newsletter creation, archiving and auto-send to club members; members apply online to join your club; member information is automatically updated on the club site; private club forums; private club calendar; automatically share info with members sites; and more. Provide the hosting and web building tools for your site.

All about cars: news, photos, forum, chat, shop, autogames, sport, F1, buying advices, tests, and much more.

A place to explore Malaysian motor sports and everything else automotive. Clubs, virtual showroom, events, forums, and more.

moveon Modern Vehicles Online
Community and information for owners of all modern era cars. All experience levels and interests are welcome.

Offers an online auto blog site builder with online street racing videos.

The premier website to log, compare, and analyze the life of your vehicle.

A collection of lemon law attorneys, auto parts, rants, funny car photos, tips and advice, and car manufacturer contacts.

Large archive of car photos and wallpapers.

 Website for Dominica car enthusiasts. The gateway to Dominica's import scene and the home of Nature Island Motorsports Association (NIMA).

Phil Bailey's Auto World Canada
Ex-competion driver and radio personality finds news from around the world that you might not otherwise read. Frank, outspoken opinions on the car industry and motorsport.

Import/sport compact cars, show coverage, promotions, models, and lifestyle.
The premier entertainment website for the auto enthusiast.
  RateCarPics.com Canada
Rate car pictures.

Promoting real cool cars and the people that make them possible! Park your car with us for free!

RideJudge.com Canada
Welcome to the most addictive automotive site on the net! Thousands of rides available for you to judge! What does the world think of your ride?
 A unique new website where car, motorcycle and other enthusiasts can share photos and stories about their hobby with the Internet audience, and join a community of others who may share their interest.

Greasergrrls.com - Website Celebrating Women Motor Enthusiasts
Whether you dig classic cars, motorcycles, planes, scooters, racing, riding, or just gettin' your hands dirty, Greasergrrls has got to be your next stop!

GT Dreams
Over 6200 photos of sports, GT, classics and concept cars. This pictures weres taken during exhibitions like the Paris Motorshow, Paris coupe and convertible show, Paris Tuning Show or vintage car demonstrations like the American Car Festival, Louis Vuitton Classic and other club exhibitions.

GTRides.com Canada
The ultimate website about the world's hottest rides.

Automotive history through more than 3500 technical cards with 8000 pictures.

iAUTO autoNet
Automotive information, buy and sell, news, chat, and more.

The best place for fast car enthusiasts.

Import Heaven - The Ultimate Source For Import Enthusiasts
High quality pictures of import cars and import babes. Download street racing videos and much more.

ImportModifications Canada
Car modifications for all car makes and models. Including installs, tech, how-to, car cudio, and much more.

A small, but growing, online import enthusiast community. Includes free-to-use forums, upcoming events and coverage, and more.

The online automobile, classic car and racing community.

High resolution car wallpapers and pictures.

This website is dedicated to all aspects of car customizing and modification. It is open to all members of the custom community including air-cooled, hot-rods, low-riders, mini-trucks, etc.

Kit Car Information
Information on kit cars, kit car books, insurance and GP Spyder (Porsche RS60). With good links to other kit car sites.

The Internet's supersite for replicar enthusiasts.
  Multi-language community for car and motorcycle tuning and racing enthusiasts. Includes a discussion forum, picture and video galleries, and chat.
A great way to meet car and driving enthusiasts.

MAD - Motor And Diagnosis
Information source for trouble shooting, repair and maintenance for various makes and models of motor cars.  
A community site for automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts with profile pages, forums, automotive news and more.

RoadCompanion.ca Canada
The automobile portal that sides with Canadian consumers. It offers all the advice and the tools you need to be streetwise.

Rolling Rods Network, The
An online community for the street enthusiast.

Features hi-res images, specifications, and reviews of sports cars. Desktop wallpapers, auto tuning/styling directory, and automotive articles are also offered.

Sedan Ramblings Canada
Articles concerning all automotive aspecs and focusing mainly on 4-door sedans and wagons.

The place for people who love cars. News articles, forums, multimedia and car projects.

ShowYourCar.com - Online Car Event!
Show off your car right now and have others vote on it. Check out the huge selection of car pictures available right now.

A southern California based community dedicated to the European automotive market. Feature an extensive web discussion forum where online members can meet other members and exchange information about products and car specs.

SovAvto Catalog
All models ever produced of all Soviet cars, trucks, buses and tractors. Each is devoted a separate page with technical info and photo images.

Created to entertain and educate dedicated standard shifters and the curious alike.

Street Graphics
Cool auto graphics.

StreetGifts.com Canada
Unique gifts for the auto lover - calendars, die-cast, posters, and much more.

Supercar Gallery
Directory of exotic and luxury automobiles.

This webpage was designed with the sole purpose of allowing you access to photographs and information of the world's most powerful automobiles.

Picture gallery of sports cars including 1000+ pictures, desktop wallpapers, screensavers, videos, technical specs and much more.

TechGuys.ca Canada
Everything you want to know about cars, technology and more!

Most popular cars - standard features, technical specs, photos, rankings, pricing.

Online car enthusiast community providing instant free webpage generation, image hosting and forums access for its members.

Tuner World
Hottest site for import enthusiasts! Car previews/reviews, car clubs, performance parts, girls, tech help, forums, event calendars, driving tips, racing games, auto news, resources, and much more.

Tuning POWA
News, articles, POWA girls, gallery, videos, wallpapers, and a lot more... All about tuning. 

Car tuning site with links to tuners, exhausts, wheels, suspension component producers, including technical articles.

Import and JDM turbocharged cars tuning community. Message board, gallery, upcoming events, featured car, and much more.

Showcases classic and modern cars with pictures, spec, user comments, and more.

UltimatePerformanceCar.com Canada
Provides automotive parts, tools, supplies, information and news for Canadian classic car, hot rod and modern performance car enthusiasts. Has a forum, how to pages and daily performance car news. Features thousands of hard to find automotive products.

unitransport The Transportation Vehicle Buff Canada
Offers the automotive enthusiast books, videos, miniature models, and paraphernalia.

Veggiepower - How to Make Biodiesel at Home
All you need to know about making biodiesel from cooking oil.

Video Van
Projection van that displays any image, moving or still. Just look and see.

This online community was created to give enthusiasts in the US a place online to meet others and discuss the VIP Style.

Features articles of interest to automotive enthusiasts. Sports, performance and classic car articles are available, and all are of a high standard. Also available: auto detailing, trivia and humor sections.

Info and pictures on tons of cars and trucks and SUVs. Videos of lots of cars. Chevy Cavalier doing a 180, fast car chases.

Automotive portal where you can find e-mail, shopping, news, and a lot more that centers around the automotive world.

Barlow & Company - Fine British Auto and Motorcycle Restoration

Pierre J. Lachance Productions Canada. King of wood automotive Product according  to News Press. Pierre Officially Preseve past and present elite stunt drivers and who's wood vehicle models I build for ...   www.barlowco.com/guestbook/guestbook.html


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Official North American Auto Thrill Show Website

CANADA - INTERNATIONAL - USA Official North American Auto Thrill Show Website ... Copyright 2003 to 2006 Pierre J. Lachance Productions  www.stuntdriver1.com


... by: Surrey Now News 1996 and by Pierre J. Lachance Productions Canada 2005-04-21 14:05 ... www.pierrelachance.com Keywords: Molson Vancouver Indy.
Pierre J. Lachance Productions Canada ...
... For_Immediate_Release: Pierre J. Lachance Productions at Vancouver Molson Indy 1996 ... for 1996 Molson Indy and go to Pierre J. Lachance ... the Official Molson Indy Vancouver wood car ...
advertising-marketing.press-world.com/ v/67578 .......
... for 1996 Molson Indy and go to Pierre J. Lachance Productions I have all the papers for it including Molson letters and all the News Press articals Thank's Pierre ...
i-Newswire.com  submit your press ... by Charlie Belknap's Hollywood Stunt Show to Pierre J. Lachance Productions,and produced by Tom Murphy & Associates, Inc ... www.stuntdriver.net. Pierre J. Lachance Productions Canada. If ...
... Readers can also visit my Art Gallery Online at www.pierrelachance.com" Langley AdvanceNews paper / VAN-NET Canada ...
... " Readers can also visit my Art Gallery Online at www.pierrelachance.com" Langley AdvanceNews paper / VAN-NET Canada ...
... " Readers can also visit my Art Gallery Online at www.pierrelachance.com" Langley AdvanceNews paper / VAN-NET Canada ...
This is Street Racing Onlines Forum ... View Profile: Autothrillshows. Autothrillshows. Trial User ... Age: 45. Autothrillshows1.com is  member of several public groups ...
... You may also visit Pierre Lachance full-time project gallery online at www.stuntworld1.com ...
Performance Two: Stunt Drivers

Georgia Durante



A team of highly qualified stunt drivers and coordinators for commercials and film. Owned and operated by Georgia Durante.


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